Recording Nightmusic

18 March 2014

Sherbrooke St. Gilbert's Church

I spent Saturday afternoon in good company at Sherbrooke St. Gilbert’s Church in the Southside of Glasgow – a beautiful building architecturally and acoustically. Violinist Kay Stephen, sound recordist Tim Cooper and I were recording Nightmusic, a work for solo violin I wrote a couple of years ago. It was really great to hear the piece being played so well in such a nice space – the acoustics of the building added so much to Kay’s performances. I’m looking forward to reviewing the recordings we made later on this week.

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New recording

31 December 2011

A recording of my recent piece Struction (how I attempted… is now available here. It’s a bootleg-esque recording from the first performance given by Red Note.

A little confession: I’m not entirely sure this piece works as an audio recording. If you do listen, bear in mind that the voice of the composer is disembodied – the “composer” isn’t in the room and his voice is delivered through loudspeakers. Without pictures, however, you won’t see the physical exertions of the ensemble as they react to this voice. It’s deliberately physical music.

As normal, Struction was conceived as a concert piece (and these days I’m always thinking about the relationship between music its context) and hearing this recording reinforces my belief that live musical performance and audio recordings are two completely different mediums, each with their idiosyncrasies. Why do we so often consider them the same when composing?

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