Debussy centenary

21 March 2018

Claude Debussy

In celebration of Claude Debussy, who died one hundred years ago this week, the University of Glasgow is holding a memorial concert this Thursday, 22nd March at 7pm. The performance includes Debussy’s three completed sonatas from Six Sonatas for Diverse Instruments, a projected cycle of pieces that he was working on at the time of his death. The University has commissioned new works from composers Adam Gorb, Martha Sullivan, Gregor Forbes, Etienne Kippelen, Gary Carpenter, Drew Hammond and myself, each scored for the proposed instrumentation of one of the unwritten sonatas. My piece, Correspondence, is a short meditation on how technological advances in the previous century have seemingly contracted time and distance. It’s scored for the unusual combination of oboe, horn and harpsichord with samples from recordings of Debussy playing his own compositions.

The Claude Debussy In Memoriam concert will be performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra chamber players at the University of Glasgow Memorial Chapel, 7pm Thursday 22nd March 2018. The event is free and unticketed.

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