Thesis defence!

24 May 2016


I am happy to announce that I recently successfully defended my PhD thesis, and that my doctorate will be awarded in due course by the University of St Andrews. Titled Composition as the creation of a performance, music as a vehicle for non-musical thought: six new works, the thesis comprises pieces composed between 2008 and 2015 and a written commentary. It was examined by composers Professor Joe Cutler and Nicole Lizée.

I would like to extend thanks to the many people who generously contributed to the work in this thesis: Special thanks to Gordon McPherson, my principal supervisor, for his unwavering support, encouragement and difficult questions. Thanks also to: my second supervisor Yannis Kyriakides; Alistair MacDonald; Stephen Broad, Anna Birch, Celia Duffy and the Research Degrees Committee of the RCS; Leverhulme Trust.

Whilst creating this portfolio of compositions, I had the pleasure of working with many fine musicians, ensembles and institutions, each of whom made an indelible impression on my work. Thanks in particular to: John Harris, Robert Irvine and Red Note Ensemble; Jenny Stephenson, Pete Furniss and Yann Ghiro; Timothy Cooper, Matthew Whiteside and Edit-Point; Darragh Morgan, Roland Roberts and Kay Stephen; Angharad Cooper and Sound and Music; Astrid String Quartet; Laurie Irvine and DotBot; John De Simone, Christine Cooper and Ensemble Thing; Ben Twist, Gemma Lawrence and Creative Carbon Scotland.

I am grateful for the support of many colleagues at the RCS, particularly Bethany Whiteside and Ben Fletcher-Watson, and composers Oliver Searle, Colin Broom, J. Simon Van Der Walt and Shona Mackay. Outside the RCS, I am grateful for the support and suggestions from the following composers: Alasdair Nicolson, Andris Dzenitis, David Lang, Johannes Maria Staud, Alla Zagaykevych, Pär Lindgren, Richard Ayres and the Mazsalaca composers.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to friends and family for their continued support, encouragement and interest. Special thanks, with love, to M, K, L and H.

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